Asbestosis is one of the disorders that occur due to the accumulation of dust in the lungs, with the definition of asbestosis will identify the various types that are infected, and which make the tissue reaction in the dust along with the main manifestation is fibrosis.

definition of asbestosis

As for the symptoms that arise due to asbestosis, such as productive stones that are very persistent and also the effect on the shortness of breath when you are on the move, the definition of asbestosis is to find out the causes that occur in various areas of the disease that you will encounter.

The diagnosis of asbestosis cannot be made alone with clinical signs. Three major criteria can help diagnose the definition of asbestosis. First, significant exposure together with mineral dust is suspected to cause pneumoconiosis and is accompanied by a supportive latency period.

Therefore, it is very necessary to take a careful history regarding the level of dust in the work environment, the length of exposure, the use of personal protective equipment, and sometimes it is necessary to check the level of dust in the work environment. Symptoms often appear before radiological abnormalities, such as a persistent productive cough or shortness of breath on exertion which may occur 10-20 years after exposure.

Second, the specific features of asbestosis, especially in radiological disorders, can help select the type of pneumoconiosis. Symptoms and signs of respiratory problems, as well as pulmonary physiological abnormalities, are common in pneumoconiosis. However, it is not specific for diagnosing asbestosis.

Third, it cannot be proven by the availability of other diseases that resemble asbestosis. asbestosis may coexist with diffuse interstitial pulmonary diseases, such as sarcoidosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), or interstitial lung disease (ILD), which are associated with collagen vascular disease. Several investigations are needed to help diagnose pneumoconiosis, namely radiological examinations, pulmonary function examinations, and assumed dust causes.

asbestosis also cannot regress, disappear, or decrease in progression by simply removing exposure. Medical management is generally limited to symptomatic relief. There is no efficient cure that can induce regression of the disorder or stop the progression being experienced

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